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WP-OTB-Print-Cover2The Warrior’s Path: Living Yoga’s Ten Codes
By Derek Beres

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Derek Beres has yanked yoga’s ethical mandates out of the museums of academia and orientalist romance to squarely look at their meaning and value in the here and now. In this well-referenced and pragmatic gem of a book, Beres holds the yamas and niyamas to the light of recent discoveries in neuroscience and biomedicine, and to the fire of our thorniest ethical dilemmas. His deft writing thrusts and parries towards a lucidity that is neither overdetermined nor abstract, empowering the earnest reader at every turn to think critically, independently, and in resistance to the same old normative crap. This is an essential volume of moral philosophy for yoga students everywhere. I’ll be strongly recommending it to every training director I work with worldwide, because it proves that through the doorway of asana, a vibrant heritage of dignity through discourse still awaits us.”—Matthew Remskiauthor of Threads of Yoga and the WAWADIA project

Yoga has become one of the most popular exercise routines in America, as well as a big business: $10.3 billion is generated each year from this growing industry. While hundreds of styles and philosophies have emerged from this Indian discipline, a writer named Patanjali set the stage in the second century when compiling the Yoga Sutras. While most Americans begin with his third rung, asanas (postures), the first two are little discussed: the yamas (prohibitions) and niyamas (disciplines) that serve as the moral foundation of yoga.

In The Warrior’s Path, veteran author and yoga instructor Derek Beres explores these ten yogic codes by  investigating their role in modern culture through the lens of neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and moral and developmental psychology. The creator of Flow Play, a national program at Equinox Fitness spotlighting the intersection of yoga, music, and neuroscience, Beres uses his research as a springboard for looking into how our brains and bodies operate and what that means for yoga today. An inquisitive and insightful work, The Warrior’s Path explores the tribal roots of yoga while helping modern yogis understand the ethical and moral sentiments of this millennia-old art. The result is a practice that offers compassion and empathy to the planet and our fellow human beings.

Outside the Box founders Dax-Devlon Ross & Derek Beres.

Outside the Box founders Dax-Devlon Ross & Derek Beres.

Outside the Box Publishing was created in 2005 as the latest in a decade-long literary collaboration between two friends who have experienced enough together to consider themselves family. It is an important and valuable way for us—perhaps more than anyone else—to continue believing in the written word. It seems only fitting in a cyberworld so accessible, so democratic in its way, that companies like ours are a natural outgrowth. Publishing books nowadays isn’t that difficult. So many alternative avenues have opened that anyone can write and publish efficiently. The difficult part is finding people that believe in and support your work. That makes a big difference in whether we move ahead or stand still. If we don’t have someone, that one person besides us, how can we expect the best of ourselves? In many ways, our commitment to literature is an extension of our commitment to fellowship. We have been fortunate enough to have one another to keep us creatively and philosophically alive, despite the setbacks and detours and plain old realities of modern existence. Outside the Box Publishing is our way of opening up the conversation and allowing other serious writers into the fold.